How To Dismantle A Tower Crane Safely

Tower Cranes have grown in leaps and bounds in terms of safety regulations for different site capacities. We have an impeccable staff of operators and facilitators that specialise in tower crane repairs, erections, dismantling, servicing, spares, breakdowns as well as load testing and sales.

The various types of tower cranes from Sky Cranes Africa includes cranes from Potain, Liebherr, Terex Comedil, Comansa, Metter Pingon, Simma Potain, Alba as well as various other makes of tower cranes.

As much as the functionality of building the components of the tower crane is important, an equally imperative function of a tower crane is the dismantlement thereof.  The removal of a crane from  site can be somewhat challenging due to a variety of aspects.

Here a few aspects to take into consideration to dismantle a tower crane safely:

  1. External climbing method
  2. Heavy-lifting helicopter methods
  3. The slewing unit is dismantled from the climbing frame
  4. Elevator shafts are disintegrated
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