How To Maintain A Tower Crane

In order to eliminate the unfortunate event of replacing a crane with high expensive operational costs, tower crane maintenance is an important activity in site maintenance.

Sky Cranes Africa is an industry leader and trailblazer in the tower crane arena. We have a skilled team of factory trained technicians and operators with years of experience.

Comprehensive preventative maintenance ensures that trouble shooting issues does not disrupt the operational capability of the sites. Sky Cranes Africa ensures that the competitive market pricing and contract specifications for tower crane hiring is of the highest calibre.

The various types of tower cranes from Sky Cranes Africa includes cranes from Potain, Liebherr, Terex Comedil, Comansa, Metter Pingon, Simma Potain, Alba as well as various other makes of tower cranes.

Sky Cranes Africa strives to continuously innovate with regards to assessment strategies, more specifically in the construction, engineering and mining industries.

There are a few maintenance tips to follow to keep tower cranes in impeccable shape and functionality.  Included in saying this, aspects such as regular maintenance and inspection, adhering to lifting requirements and combining the hardware with other additional counter weights and block assemblies.

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