What are the Safety Regulations in place when operating a crane?

Various industries have different operational site requirements that are specific to the capacity of the crane requirements and lifting capacities.  Occupational health standards have become a prominent factor in productivity and safety of operators.

Sky Cranes Africa is an industry leader in the arena of tower crane hiring, dismantling and maintenance.

Sky Cranes Africa is passionate about operational productivity as well as the safety of operators, clients and the general public. Here are a few guidelines associated with the safety regulations of operating a crane:

  • Initiate steps to eliminate environmental hazards.
  • Ensure that accredited and experienced operators are in charge of the crane facilities.
  • Regulations of height and lifting requirements should be strictly adhered to.
  • Ensure that the stability of the zone is effectively analyzed.
  • The rigging of the components should also be efficiently evaluated.
  • The timing of the dismantlement needs to be thought of due to weather constraints and the possibility of hazards.
  • Performance kits and load limits for electrical faults should be carefully constructed and evaluated.

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