Tower Crane Erections.

Great Crew, Exact requirements.

Tower Crane Erections from Sky Cranes Africa continues to elevate innovation and efficiency on different sites and client specifications.  Our experienced team incorporates a phenomenal rigging crew, which will erect the crane to your exact requirements.

The process of assembling a tower crane is contingent on the site specifications and operational requirements of the client.  Tower cranes arrive at the site with about 10 or 12 tractor-trailer rigs. The crew then uses a mobile crane to assemble the jib and the machinery section. Once this is completed, the crane is then placed on horizontal members on an approximate 12meter that consists of two mast sections.

When the Tower Crane Mast Section is set into a foundation, steel pedestals are incorporated into the Tower Crane. It is important to note that the Mast Section should be plumbed to a degree of a ratio of 1:500.

This implies that the ratio should not deviate more than a few centimetres from the plumb. An equally important point to take into consideration is that the concrete should be poured and then the crane should be ready to be erected after the concrete is laid. Sky Cranes Africa is particular with the processes and systems in place.

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Tower Crane Erections
Sky Cranes

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