Tower Crane Maintenance

Sky Cranes Africa is a well-established Tower Crane Maintenance Company based in the East Rand South Africa we have the Ability to work in South Africa and Africa. We Specialise in Tower Crane Mechanical and Electrical Repairs, we also are the experts in the Refurbishment of Tower Cranes.
Sky Cranes Africa Also offers a 24/7 Breakdown for your Tower Cranes.

Mechanical & Electrical Repairs

Sky Cranes Africa specialises in Maintenance and Repairing of Tower Cranes, servicing on cranes, with comprehensive maintenance schedules designed to minimize downtime.
We provide quality preventative maintenance which are planned around projects to ensure reliability. After every job, each tower crane is meticulously checked, and all major components are overhauled or completely reconditioned in line with all codes of practise.
For All Maintenance and Electrical Repairs Contact the reliable and industry leaders.

Refurbishments Of Tower Cranes

It is very crucial for crane owners to refurbish or repair a crane rather than to purchase a new one. As this usually is due to costs that may be involved. Also dependent on the extent of work that is required for repair or refurbishment, it may also be advisable to purchase a new part based on costing.

The availability of parts should also be considered, as parts may no longer be manufactured which then makes a refurbishment or repair your only option. Sky Cranes Africa is dedicated to ensuring safety for you and your staff. We also provide comprehensive tower crane maintenance schedules on every crane in our fleet and every crane we sell or hire. Our technicians will ensure your crane is operating safely and prevent costly emergency service.

Breakdown Services (24 hours)

Sky Cranes Africa also offers a 24/7 breakdown for your Tower Cranes. We have a skilled and qualified team off technicians that don’t rest to make sure you Tower Crane is in full working condition 24/7.

Sky Cranes Africa will supply the correct Parts and Spares for All your Tower Crane Breakdowns.

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