Tower Crane Rigging

Sky Cranes Africa specialises in Tower Crane Rigging in South Africa and Africa. We have certified specialist riggers that are skilled at working at great heights. Our Riggers at Sky Cranes Africa are experts at Successfully Assembling Tower Cranes with all Safety Requirements adhered to.
Tower Cranes are installed speedily so our clients Projects can proceed. Our rigging teams at Sky Cranes are expert tower crane Assembly and dismantling professionals with many years of experience rigging at heights. Tower Crane Assembly Starts with a solid Foundation. Tower Crane Assembly will depend on the height and reach and will require specific foundation requirements set out by skilled Engineering Requirements which Sky Cranes Africa specialises in.
At Sky Cranes Africa we Offer Tower Cranes Rigging Which Includes Transport, Assembly, Dismantling and Storage if required. No Project is too Big or too Small for Sky Cranes Africa to handle Taller Tower Cranes Have Specific Building Needs we here to assist. We provide a full site audit to understand the Tower Crane Required for the Erecting or Dismantling of a Specific Tower Crane. Sky Cranes Africa provides World class Supervision on all Assembly and Dismantling of Tower Cranes.
If you feel your project is a technical challenge give the Experts a call at Sky Cranes Africa.

Please Remember these Important Tips when appointing or hiring your next Crane Rigging Company.

Sky Cranes Africa has World Class Rigging Experts. Tower Crane Riggers must be skilled and certified. Call Sky Cranes Africa for your next Project now do not risk any accidents by using unskilled Tower Crane Rigging Companies, we at Sky Cranes Africa get the job done First time with Speedy Timelines and with great Efficiency.
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